Influenza Zinc gets scientific backing



A new, large scientific study cuts through 27 years of debate regarding zinc as a remedy against the common cold with an unequivocal conclusion: It works!

Already in 1984 there was a scientific study of the effect of zinc lozenges against the common cold, which showed good efficacy of zinc against this disease which led to an increased interest in zinc against viral infections. In later studies, the results were mixed, however. Some studies showed no benefit of zinc against the common cold, these studies however, have been criticized for either using too small a dose or using forms of zinc, which delivered too little zinc ions.

Now the independent research and information center Cochraine has made a summary of a total of 15 studies from different countries with a total of 1,360 subjects, which clearly shows that zinc can be used as an effective treatment against colds.


The researchers’ conclusion
Zinc administered within 24 hours of onset of symptoms reduces the duration and severity of the common cold in healthy people.

When supplemented for at least five months, it reduces cold incidence, school absenteeism and prescription of antibiotics in children (due to complications such as otitis media).

Scientists have not been able to give any definite answer on what dose is the most appropriate against colds.


About colds
Colds are often caused by a rhinovirus. Zinc acts by inhibiting the cell division of the rhinovirus.

An ordinary cold is one one of the world’s most widespread diseases. If you do not take any special precautions it is not uncommon for adults to catch a cold 2 to 4 times a year, and institutionalized children up to 12 times a year!

Colds may seem like a banal condition for living, but in a country like the United States a common cold leads to 75 to 100 million visits to a doctor. Society loses millions of working days, either because people themselves getting sick or because they must take care of sick children. The cost to American society is conservatively estimated to at least 7.7 billion dollars annually.


Influ-Zinc for the medicine chest
A preparation which can shorten a cold by just 2 days will enhance both quality of life of the affected and the state economy will improve. Influ-Zinc is one of the preparations that belongs in every medicine chest. Actually it also works against other types of virus, eg. influenza virus.


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